Coaching and consulting for the visionary leader

ready to turn their expertise into profitable offers and craft a holistic approach to generating wealth


Coaching for online entrepreneurs

ready to turn their expertise into profitable offers and craft a holistic approach to generating wealth


Let’s be real:

There are many moving pieces when it comes to crafting, promoting, and selling your offer - then comes the time to deliver on your promise and nurture the clients who invest in you. 

If you’re feeling like you have no clue where to actually start with the process of creating your group program or course and launching it into the world with confidence, you’ve landed in the right place!


Imagine having the  support to…


Take your concept from an idea to a fully built-out offer that your ideal clients can’t wait to get their hands on.

Learn exactly how to launch that new offer with clear steps, from pre-launch to the day you close doors (and shock yourself with how many incredible humans you get to impact!)

Sell boldly on social media, knowing that you’re driving impact and value to your ideal client’s life with each piece of content you publish.

Let’s leave the burnout, info overload, and busy work behind and start moving the needle forward - together.


Discover your Launch Personality

To plan, implement, and sell your digital product with ease .

Because here’s what I know to be true:

No matter what the rest of the world might tell you, you CAN start your dream business and make ends meet without spinning your wheels. And you don’t have to do it on your own, either!

What you need to get there is guidance with executing those ideas, creating a tailored plan that includes celebrating your wins, and how to reel in those leads & sales with impactful content.

That’s the key to turning the big vision for your business into reality - and I’m here to show you that it can be done.



That wildly successful launch & recurring income you’d love to see in your business? 

Make it an EXPECTATION. 


Choose your path to aligned offers, strategy, and profit:


It’s time to ditch the dread around your offers, launch with confidence, and make those money gains so you can hit your desired point of wealth - without the burnout.

Mentoring & Launching with me means you walk away with…

A defined product suite & customer journey that lights you up and creates lifelong audience members

Support with planning, executing your pre-launch, effective launch content, and hosting a live event that leads to HOT leads for your offer.

Recurring revenue through authentic connections and sales because you have the space to operate with feminine energy and flow (YES, it gets to be that easy!)



Balance in life and business. 

Empowerment & confidence with your next steps.

Strategies for major profit. 

“I loved the intimate experience and how she really took the time to learn about me and my business. Laura is so great at presenting different ideas/strategies and opening up my mind to seeing new ways of doing things. I think she excels in the planning/organization category and just having her help me with that was a HUGE breath of fresh air because that can be super stressful for most.”

Kalena A.

"Laura is a launch coach who will help you take your course idea and work with you to help you step into the next version of yourself. She makes the process easy, holds your hand throughout your time working together, is prompt in her communication, empathetic in her responses AND helps you organize your otherwise-on-fire-brain so you can stress less and enjoy your course launch."

Marie B.

"Laura is a genius coach - more than a launch coach she helped me get so much clarity around my whole offer and THEN helped me create a launch timeline and plan that felt totally aligned and custom to me. She answered all my questions and her ongoing support was invaluable. Her energy is contagious, and I feel like she truly deeply supports my business and my journey."

Kelleigh K.

Ready to solidify your offers, kick things up a notch with your launches, and start generating sustainable income from your passion? 

Welcome to Day 1 of your most confident self in sales & your most profitable business yet. 


Hey there! I’m Laura,

launch curator with a knack for making sales and launching a BREEZE for fellow coaches. If we aren’t getting you closer to your dream life, then we are not doing it right! 

Before I found my groove with my coaching business, I struggled to uncover what lit me up most, how I could serve others, and gain the freedom I desired. Turns out it’s not an easy path to go down alone! 

Now, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned along the way and made it my mission to help ambitious women like YOU define your product suite, create your offers, and plan your launches with intention so you can convert effortlessly and be the impactful coach you know you can be.

The direct result? A business that serves your life - because you are worthy of wealth and reaching the goals of your wildest dreams.